Frequently Ask Questions

Foundation Course FAQ:-

You can watch all the trial classes that are avaliable in a batch.
Yes, you can enrol in any course of your choice along with a batch.
Yes, you can enrol in as many batches and courses as you want. However, we recommend that you enrol in one batch at a time.

Mains Course FAQ:-

Coming Soon............

Miscellaneous FAQ:-

All the live classes are recorded for future reference. If a student misses a class due to any reason then he/ she can access the recorded class later at any time.
Online classes will take place LIVE through a computer or laptop at your home. The DrGenius Academy online classes are similar to physical classes as there will be a 2-way communication between the teacher and student during the class. Students can clear all their doubts in online classes at the comfort of their home.
Yes, we have the feature in our online platform that provides 2-way interaction between teacher and student during the live online session.
Yes, we provide free online test series to students as a part of the course package. A student can solve online mock tests chapter-wise, part and full syllabus tests.
Some of the advantages of DrGenius Academy online courses - Live 2-way interactive classes, short batches, focus on an individual student, proper counselling, excellent study material, free practice tests, online assessment and regular monitoring.

Preliminary Course FAQ:-

If you don't like your current batch, you can unenroll from it and enrol in a new batch of your choice.
Yes, you can join a batch after it has started. we'll provide you with all the recording and notes of the previous classes.
Yes, you can watch recording of the previous classes. once you enrol in a batch, we'll add all the recordings to your planner. You can also watch them from the batch schedule page.

Mock Interview FAQ:-

Both options are available. Some career services and online platforms offer free mock interviews, while others may charge a fee for professional coaching services.
It depends on your comfort level and needs. Some people may feel prepared after one or two sessions, while others may benefit from several practice interviews.
No, mock interviews can be conducted on DrGenius Academy Centre in Alwar or other city.
Mock interviews can be conducted by: Career coaches or professional interviewers, Colleagues or mentors with experience in interviewing, online platforms that offer mock interview services.
Typically, a mock interview lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity and depth of the questions.
Mock interviews help you:Gain confidence, improve your interviewing skills, receive constructive feedback, understand the types of questions that might be asked, practice answering questions clearly and effectively, identify areas for improvement.
A mock interview is a simulated job interview used for practice. It helps candidates prepare for real interviews by providing a realistic interview setting and constructive feedback on their performance.
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